This is the brief outline of a typical first year macroeconomics course. The aim is to have a topic covering all sections, however, at the moment some sections are not as complete as I would like.

Supply and Demand

This goes over the basics of supply and demand. For a more intuitive understanding, look at the section in "Microeconomics"

2. National accounting

2.1 Public Savings, Private Savings and National Savings
2.2 Increases in NFI affect on capital accumulation


This covers the area of unemployment, the causes of unemployment and how to measure unemployment. 

4. The market for loanable funds

4.1 Market for loanable funds


this covers what is inflation, the causes of inflation, hyper inflation and the economic costs associated with inflation. This only covers the rudiments. 

Monetary Policy

this covers what is monetary policy, how the government uses monetary policy to deal with unemployment and inflation, the limitations of monetary policy. 

Aggregate supply and Demand

This covers the topic of Aggregate demand and Aggregate Supply and the factors which contribute to recessions and booms. 

8. Economic Growth and business cycles

This should cover macroeconomics pertaining to long-run growth models and models which analyse fluctuations in the business cycle. This topic is a lot more advanced. 

8.1 Factor shares

9. Economic Growth

This covers the topic of Economic growth which aims to explain why the economy grows over time

9.1 Potential GDP formula and output gap


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